Spiros Logothetis is from Agistri and the United Kingdom. He is an ultra-distance race runner under adverse circumstances. He has graduated from the University of Liverpool in England and works as an exercise physiologist and sports nutritionist.

His love for running led to his participation in many running races. In the three years of running in mountain races he has numerous wins.

Spiros successfully crossed the finishing line of the 7-day ultra marathon MDS2019 running west Sahara Desert (256 km) in 30 hours and 27 minutes contesting 783 runners and getting the 94th position. This participation is considered to be the best in the 34 years of the organization of any Greek runner that has ever run the ultramarathon. His participation in the race is associated with a noble cause: raising funds for a school in Kenya, 10.000€ to be exact, for medicine, books and clothing for one year in association with Hope for Children, an organization based in the UK.

His charitable action continued in 2020 when he organized The 100K treadmill Challenge. Spiros is the only Greek athlete who has run on a treadmill for 100 km to raise money for ARCTUROS, a non profit, non governmental, environmental organization.

Spiros’ love for running and nature is the reason he founded the HardSun trail race in 2020 in Agistri and it was a great success despite the difficulties due to COVID-19. His main goal is to show that Agistri is the perfect place to be when you love to run and enjoy being in nature.