The HardSun races registration is simple.

Click the REGISTRATION orange button on the organization’s website. This will get you to the registration form. Fill in the required information and you will get an email confirmation for your registration along with the information about the ways of payment. When you pay the fee, you will receive a second email confirmation.

Kids fun race 1.5 km does not require a registration. Our young runners can register the day of the race in the office.

There are two different HardSun races for adult runners, HardSun trail race 27 km and Agistraki trail 10 km, and one for kids, Kids fun race 1.5 km.

  • HardSun trail race 27 km: 35€* for each registration
  • Agistraki trail race 10 km: 25€* for each registration
  • Kids fun race: 5€* for each registration

*VAT 24% included

Click the name of the race you want to participate in and the browser will open the page with the information and services of each race.

The runners can get their participation package, offered by the organization, from the office of the event. The office is at Copa Cabana Café in Agistri.

The opening hours of the office and the program of the race will be announced soon.

For questions, queries and clarifications before the races you can:

  • Send an email to the organization:
  • Call the organization: +306971836657 (Spiros Logothetis)

One day before the races (Saturday 04/09/21) and the day of the races (Sunday 05/09/21) you can address the organization office at Copa Cabana Café in Agistri.

Registration’s cancelation by the runner is free of charge if it occurs one month prior the race, he/she would participate in. The only cost will be that of the bank transaction (2.00€).

• In case of cancelling the registration 7 days before the race, the charge is 8.00€ (2.00€ bank transaction cost and the cost of the participation package that would be given to the runner).

• The runner is able to take the participation package included to the registration even if he/she does not participate. Transportation cost is on him/her (race medal excluded).

• In case a runner does not participate without informing the event planners, there is no refund or use of the fee to an upcoming event.

• In case of any changes due to COVID-19, the runners will get back all the fees. The only cost will be that of the bank transaction (2.00€).

HardSun organization follows all the necessary health protocols of G.G.A.

Every runner should have a negative PCR test or rapid test (printed or electronically) when he/she gets his/her participation package from the organization office.

For more information about health protocols and regulations due to COVID-19 click here.

Eligible for participation are men and women from 18 years.

High school students can participate in both races if their legal guardians have signed a Statutory Declaration.

Middle school students from 15 years can participate only in Agistraki trail race if their legal guardians have signed a Statutory Declaration.

Unemployed people, college students, members of Security and Armed forces have a special discount of 20% to the fee. To have the discount, the documents proving anything of the above have to be sent via email along with the online registration. 

The only way to get to the island is with a boat, ferry boat or flying dolphin from the port of Piraeus.

You can get the ferry boat from Gate E8 (duration of the trip 1 hour and 45 minutes).

You can get the flying dolphin from Gate E9 (duration of the trip 55 minutes).

Agistri offers a variety of restaurants and cafes for every taste. Many accommodations and many fun activities are offered such as scuba diving, horse riding, daily trips with ships etc. (

*Accommodation and food are not included in the registration fee. Runners and the people coming with them have the responsibility to take care of these, as well as for the boat tickets.

Each runner and the people coming with them have a special discount on the boat ticket. The discount will be announced one month prior the event.