The following regulations apply to all races.


Participants have to read the regulations before the race they will run and follow them the day of the race. Failing to comply with the regulations means that the runner will be excluded from the race.

HardSun trail race is a race of 27 km length and 936 meters elevation gain. Starting point and finishing line are in front of Copa Cabana café, located at the main coastline of Scala. The route is in the pinewoods of the island, outside chapels, on beaches and at the highest point of the island, the area of Kontari, 294 meters altitude and with a view of Argosaronikos.  The trails are mainly in the forestland but there are parts of the paved road too.

Each runner has 6 hours to complete the race and there are no time exclusions.

Agistraki trail race is a race of 10 km length and 367 meters elevation gain. Starting point and finishing line are in front Copa Cabana café, located at the main coastline of Scala. The route of the race is circular and is through the oldest settlement of the island, called Katounti. The trails are mainly in the forestland but there are parts of the paved road too.

Each runner has 4 hours to complete the race and there are no time exclusions.


Eligible for participation is men and women from 18 years.

High school students can participate in both races if their legal guardians have signed a Statutory Declaration.

Middle school students from 15 years can participate only in Agistraki trail race if their legal guardians have signed a Statutory Declaration.

In the case that a runner is not 18 years old but has all the papers that are needed, his registration is accepted.


There are no specific qualification criteria for the races’ participation. However, runners should have a relatively good experience in mountain races.


The fee to participate in the HardSun trail race is 35€ (VAT 24% included) and 25€ (VAT 24% included) for Agistraki trail race.

Payment is available through credit or debit card (which is also proof of tax awareness for the runner). For a valid registration, the fee should be paid in 5 working days.

No registration will be accepted after the end of the registration period.


Unemployed people, college students, members of the Security and Armed forces have a special discount of 20% on the fee. To have the discount, the documents proving anything of the above have to be sent via email along with the online registration. 

Group registrations (runners, sports clubs, gyms, companies, schools, private and public organizations, travel agencies) have a special discount of 20%.

*For groups of more than 10 people, one person of the group should be selected as a contact with the organization.


Registration’s cancelation by the runner is free of charge if it occurs one month prior to the race, he/she would participate in. The only cost will be that of the bank transaction (2.00€).

• In case of canceling the registration 7 days before the race, the charge is 8.00€ (2.00€ bank transaction cost and the cost of the participation package that would be given to the runner).

• The runner is able to take the participation package included in the registration even if he/she does not participate. Transportation cost is on him/her (race medal excluded).

• In case a runner does not participate without informing the event planners, there is no refund or use of the fee for an upcoming event.

• In case of any changes due to COVID-19, the runners will get back all the fees. The only cost will be that of the bank transaction (2.00€).


The organization provides:

  • Race number (bib)
  • Timing chip
  • Snacks during the race at replenishment stations
  • Pre-race and post-race meal
  • Handmade commemorative medal
  • Commemorative gift
  • Local products of Agistri
  • First aid services and medical assistance throughout the race
  • Coffee and snacks on the race day
  • Free Photos


Categories of participants are:

Men: M1(18-39), M2(40-49), M3(50-59), M4(60+)

Women: W1(18-39), W2(40-49), W3(50-59), W4(60+)

Each category should have at least 6 runners.


All runners who complete the race will be given a handmade commemorative medal. Both races will have an award ceremony for the first three men runners and three women runners. The medals are handmade and created with gold and 18 platinum carats.


All the runners participating in the races should have the responsibility for their health and fitness status. Part of this responsibility is completing a simple questionnaire before the race day. This questionnaire will provide the information the organization needs about the safety measures due to COVID-19.

There will be a second questionnaire 48 hours after the end of each race, in which each runner will state their health after the race.


Each runner should get his race number (bib) at least 1 hour before starting the race.

A race bib should be attached at the front or backside of the runner’s body and make sure that is fully visible at all times during the race. Any damage or destruction of the bib leads to the runner’s exclusion from the race.


There is no special equipment needed for the race. However, the organization recommends the following equipment:

  • Backpack or belt bag
  • Fluid reservoir (bladder of flask)
  • Sunglasses
  • Hat
  • Snack (solid form)
  • Windproof jacket
  • Head torch
  • First aid kit

Runners could also have a map, a compass, GPS (cellphone or wireless VHF).

Considering the environment, the organization does not provide any object made of plastic (such as cups) at the replenishment stations so the runners should have a flask with them.


Participants are responsible for their personal belongings and the organization is not responsible in case of any loss.


Routes have clear signage in all their length with the logo of the organization. The signs are placed the days before the races.


The organization provides replenishment stations that operate as checkpoints too and there are:

Three (3) for HardSun trail race (CP1, CP2, CP3)

One (2) for Agistraki trail race (CP1)


The organization provides medical assistance to the runners if it is necessary.

For runner’s registration, there is no need for a medical certificate. Each runner has their own responsibility for his/her participation and his/her medical state before taking part in the race.

The organization bears no liability for any damage to the health or any case of death during the race. Participants should be aware of the potential hazards associated with racing in a mountain and the security measures. The organization has no responsibility for any additional cost in case of hospitalization or help by a private medical practitioner.  

The organization has taken all the appropriate measures for the safety of the participants and the right medical staff (a doctor, a group of Red Cross rescuers, and a team of volunteers). Also, there is a fully equipped ambulance available. In case an expert prohibits the participation of a runner due to an injury, the runner must comply with this advice and not participate in the race.


The organization has the rights to any photographs or videos taken through the race. By participating, the runner gives permission for the organizer to use and reproduce any of the above without further notice or without being entitled to compensation.


The timing chips system is used for all participants’ time and intermediate times. The results are then reviewed and the final timings are published within a few days after the end of the race on the organization’s website.


Penalties are the same in both races. In case of destruction or pollution of the environment, in case of taking a different route than the original one, in case of inappropriate behavior, in case of loss of the race number, the offender is banned from the race. In case of violence, the offender is banned from any upcoming event of the organization.


Complaints are accepted only by the runner himself within 30 minutes after his/her crossing of the finishing line. The accuracy of the complaint will be verified by the end of the event from the organization.


The organization reserves the right to modify without notice the regulations of the races.

The maximum number of participants for the race depends upon the current KYA and the laws of the Hellenic Ministry of Culture and Sports regarding COVID-19 for sporting events in open spaces. 

Each participant is responsible to show proof of their vaccination certificate or, documentation of recovery from COVID-19. If the above is not available, participants may provide proof of a negative PCR result taken within 72 hours of the race or, provide proof of a negative Rapid test taken within 48 hours of the race. 

The organizing committee is not responsible for the death, injury, or any other health issue of the participants during the race. Participants who fill out the application form declare they are aware of the exposure to dangers in the countryside, they have the adamant experience to run the race and their health is fit for the race. Each athlete is obliged to have regular medical examinations. The organizing committee has the right to not allow a participant to take part in the race if the medic on site believes a participant’s health is inadequate.